Company Information

Nishtha Finance and Investment India Limited was incorporated on 16th November 1983 in the State of Delhi. The company at present is engaged in to the business of incidental and ancillary activities of Power Projects.

Mr. Ashish Joshi and Mr Chetan Kumar Chovatiya, the young entrepreneurs from the State of Gujarat have acquired the Management of Company by way of SEBI takeover Code during the FY 2016 17.

The brief Main object Clause of Memorandum of Association of the Company is as under:

To carry on in India or abroad the business of providing consultancy services for establishing, commissioning, setting up, operating and maintaining electric power transmission systems/networks, power systems generating stations based on conventional/ non-conventional resources for evacuation, transmission, distribution, trading or supply of power through establishing or using stations, tie-lines, sub-stations and transmission or distribution lines in any manner including build, own and transfer (BOT), and/or build, own and operate (BOO) and/or build, own, lease and transfer (BOLT) and/or build, own, operate and transfer (BOOT) basis or otherwise ,and to act as mediator between / among the contracting parties for aforementioned activities for consideration and to do all the ancillary , related or connected activities as may be considered necessary or beneficial or desirable for or along with any or all of the aforesaid purposes.”